Bulb Camera 360 Wifi

Sale price$59.99 AUD
Model: Bulb Camera + 16G Memory


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Introducing the Bulb Camera 360 Wifi

Experience unparalleled clarity with our 1280*720p resolution. With built-in Wi-Fi, seamlessly connect your device for effortless streaming and control from anywhere. Designed for indoor use, it's perfect for home security or monitoring.

Capture every angle with the 360° panorama feature, providing a comprehensive view of your surroundings.

Enjoy vibrant, full-color pictures and 200 thousand HD picture quality, guaranteeing unparalleled visual fidelity.

Product information:

Model: E27
Storage: memory card
Zoom: fixed
Operating environment: indoor
Material: ABS plastic
Resolution: 1280 * 720
Network supply mode: wireless Wi Fi
Aperture: fixed aperture
Options: Dual Light full color +16G/32G/64G or 128G memory

Functional characteristics:
1 Voice intercom
2. Mobile remote
3. Detect alarms
4. 360° Panorama
5. Full color picture
6. 200  thousand  HD picture quality
7. Mobile tracking
8. Support multiple viewers
9. Disconnection monitoring